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Welcome to our online ticketing system.
Here, you can get your tickets in a simple way.

    By purchasing #ZALGIRISVIRGIN package you will get:
    • Žalgiris scarf;
    • Žalgiris beginner's manual, where you will find the most interesting facts about the team history, a list of the most entertaining and exciting activities in the arena, the most popular fan chants and a glossary of basketball terms;
    • After the match come to the  #ZALGIRISVIRGIN project meeting point where you will get a surprise gift!
    This is not a game ticket, but an additional service. Persons without a game ticket are not allowed to enter the arena and the money is not refunded.
    One package is for one person, one for a specific match.
  • VIP package for basketball games

    VIP Package is an additional service for those “Žalgiris” arena clients that crave special experience. Enjoy exclusive services and comfort that will turn your evening in “Žalgiris” arena extraordinary.

    VIP package, that you can buy additionaly to your ticket will give you a chance to enter the arena’s parking lot, to use a VIP entrance to the arena, a separate cloakroom and enjoy VIP area before the game. There you will find gourmet snacks, drinks prepared by professionals of restaurant “Sala” and pleasant atmosphere. Treats are served to the guests from the moment the doors to the arena open to the start of the game and during the half-time. After the game you can keep enjoying advantages of the VIP area and your orders will be taken by restaurant staff.

Select the event:
"Žalgiris" – "Real"
Thursday, 17/10/2019 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Real
Thursday, 17/10/2019
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – ASVEL
Friday, 25/10/2019 19:44
Žalgiris Express – ASVEL
Friday, 25/10/2019
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – "CBet“
Sunday, 27/10/2019 17:00
"Žalgiris" – "Zenit"
Wednesday, 30/10/2019 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Zenit
Wednesday, 30/10/2019
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – “Juventus“
Sunday, 3/11/2019 17:00
"Žalgiris" – "FC Barcelona"
Friday, 8/11/2019 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Barcelona
Friday, 8/11/2019
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – "Panathinaikos"
Tuesday, 19/11/2019 19:30
Žalgiris Express – Panathinaikos
Tuesday, 19/11/2019
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – "Crvena Zvezda"
Thursday, 21/11/2019 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Crvena Zvezda
Thursday, 21/11/2019
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – “Dzūkija“
Sunday, 24/11/2019 17:00
"Žalgiris" – “Neptūnas“
Sunday, 1/12/2019 17:00
"Žalgiris" – “Rytas“
Sunday, 8/12/2019 17:00
"Žalgiris" – "Basket"
Friday, 13/12/2019 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Basket
Friday, 13/12/2019
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – “Šiauliai“
Sunday, 15/12/2019 17:00
"Žalgiris" – "Anadolu Efes"
Tuesday, 17/12/2019 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Anadolu Efes
Tuesday, 17/12/2019
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – "Maccabi"
Thursday, 2/01/2020 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Maccabi
Thursday, 2/01/2020
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – ALBA
Friday, 24/01/2020 19:44
Žalgiris Express – ALBA
Friday, 24/01/2020
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – “Olympiacos“
Tuesday, 4/02/2020 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Olympiacos
Tuesday, 4/02/2020
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – “AX Armani“
Friday, 28/02/2020 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Armani
Friday, 28/02/2020
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – “Khimki“
Tuesday, 3/03/2020 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Khimki
Tuesday, 3/03/2020
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – “Fenerbahce“
Tuesday, 24/03/2020 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Fenerbahce
Tuesday, 24/03/2020
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – CSKA
Friday, 3/04/2020 19:44
Žalgiris Express – CSKA
Friday, 3/04/2020
Departures time is different

"Žalgiris" – "Bayern"
Friday, 10/04/2020 19:44
Žalgiris Express – Bayern
Friday, 10/04/2020
Departures time is different


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