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Welcome to our online ticketing system.
Here, you can get your tickets in a simple way.

Can I buy tickets to AUDI / Ramirent Premium Club if I am not a member of the club?

Yes, tickets to this area can be purchased.

What additional services do I receive with a ticket to VIP Courtside seats?

VIP courtside seats are exceptional comfort near the basketball court! Use the arena parking, use a separate antrence and a cloakroom and enjoy your time in the VIP room with free drinks and snacks. We send more information after a purchase.

What additional services do I receive with a ticket to AUDI club?

With your AUDI club ticket you have a separate entrance and a cloakroom beside the club area, separated bars, a toilet and a smoking area. Enjoy your time only with people with tickets to this area.

What additional services do I receive with a ticket to Ramirent Premium club?

With the Ramirent Pramium Club ticket, you have a separate entrance and a cloakroom, and an area that can only be accessed by people who have tickets to the club. Enjoy the event by purchasing tickets to a double table or next to a bar. 

How to get an invoice for my purchase?

If you would like to receive a final invoice for your purchase, please send the purchase confirmation document to buhalterija@zalgirioarena.lt by the 7th day of the following month.

Is it possible to pay in cash?

If you do not want to buy online, you can buy tickets  by cash or by card at „Žalgiris“ ticket office

Can tickets, invitations or season tickets be used as prizes for organizing and publishing public competitions?

Any public advertising of games, competitions and other promotions using the trademarks, tickets, invitations, season tickets of BC Žalgiris Kaunas without the permission of the Žalgiris Basketball Center is prohibited and violates the rights of BC Žalgiris Kaunas trademarks.

How to use a school-student, student or senior discount?

When you buy tickets to “Betsafe–LKL“, this discount is valid for Bronze, Green-White, Green areas. When you buy tickets to Euroleague, this discount is valid for Green, Pink, Cyan, Blue and Grey areas. Choose a "student" or "senior" discount in the shopping cart. If you purchase a ticket with a school-student, student or senior discount, you will be required to submit a discount document in order to enter the event. Otherwise "Žalgiris" reserves the right not to enter the arena. The amount of the discount depends on the match and the area.

Do I need to buy a ticket for children?

No, children of pre-school age (up to 7 years old) can go for free without taking an extra seat.

Where are the ticket/service charges?

Fees for tickets/services are specified in point 10 of the General Rules of Purchase - Sale and Conduct.

Who can buy tickets for people with disabilities?

Persons with up to 30% work capacity and accompanying persons. Contact us for more information +370 37 35 24 59

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets for "Žalgiris" games at "Žalgiris" arena can be bought:
1. Online on the official Zalgiris Kaunas ticketing website
2. In "Žalgiris" arena ticket office: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, Kaunas. Opening hours: I 2.30 pm - 7 pm, IV-V 10 am- 7 pm (lunch break 2 pm -3 pm).

What to do if you have problems purchasing Zalgiris tickets online or can not find them?

Tickets are not sent by email. A payment confirmation with a link to your account containing formatted tickets is sent to the specified e-mail.If you cannot find the tickets, please contact us by e-mail. by mail bilietai@zalgiris.lt

Can I return / change my ticket?

Tickets are returned only if the event is canceled or the date is changed.Tickets can be changed by applying to tickets@zalgiris.lt.

Can I book a ticket?

Ticket reservation service is currently unavailable.

How to order birthday greetings during the match?

To order a birthday greetings during the match, please contact tickets@zalgiris.lt not later than two days before the match.

Where can I buy and use BC Žalgiris Kaunas gift voucher?

You can purchase and use the "Žalgiris" gift voucher only on the official "Žalgiris" ticket distribution website or at the "Žalgiris" arena box office: Karaliaus Mindaugos pr. 50, Kaunas. Working hours: Mon - Fri - 16:00-20:00; VI-VII - Does not work

Where can I find "Darius and Girėnas tennis courts" d.u.k.?

"Dariau and Girėnas tennis courts" d.u.k. can be found HERE.

When can I purchase a season ticket?

2023-2024 season tickets sale is finished.

Where to buy a season ticket?

Usually you can buy a season ticket during the selling period:
1. Online;
2. By sending an order for pre-invoice bilietai@zalgirioarena.lt

What matches can I access with my season ticket?

The season ticket is valid for the matches of „Žalgiris“ team home game at the Euroleague and LKL regular season, as well as in the LKL championship playoffs and finals.

How long is the season ticket valid?

The season ticket is valid from the start of the official season (September - October) until the end of the season (May-June).

What should I do if I lose my season ticket card?

Having lost the card, it can be canceled only by the season ticket holder in writing to bilietai@zalgiris.lt. New card price € 10.

How to print tickets from your season ticket?

If the season ticket holder can not visit the match himself and wants to transfer his place to another person, he/she can print-out a ticket from the season ticket. You can administer your account online on „Zalgiris“ ticket sales website by registered e-mail. Instructions on how to login and print your tickets can be found here.


Žalgiris tickets: +370 616 44448
Waiting for your calls I-V: 8.00 - 17.00 val.

Working hours: "Žalgiris" arena box office is open
Mon - Fri - 16:00-20:00; VI-VII - Does not work

Box office hours during basketball games:
Mon-Fri: from 4:00 p.m. until one hour after the start of the match;
VI-VII: opens two hours before the start of the basketball game - closes one hour after the start of the game
Box office hours may vary during other events. Ask bilietai@zalgiris.lt

Žalgiris Kaunas administration

VšĮ „Žalgirio krepšinio centras“

(I-V: 8.00 - 17.00 val.)

Žalgiris tickets: +370 616 44448 

Žalgiris Kaunas home arena

Do you have any questions? Contact us
VšĮ „Žalgirio krepšinio centras“
Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, LT-44334 Kaunas
Email: bilietai@zalgiris.lt

Have questions? Write to us

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